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Same Day

Imepress takes pride in providing top-notch same day delivery services in Dubai and throughout the UAE, including Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Our quick and efficient deliveries meet your personal and business needs, whether they’re urgent documents, time-sensitive items, or last-minute gifts. With strategic locations in Dubai and a robust network, we ensure your packages reach their destination securely and promptly. Benefit from our low-cost courier service in UAE, guaranteeing careful transportation of your items, whether you’re shipping within Dubai or to other Emirates.



Speed and Timeliness

Our commitment to speed and timeliness ensures that your urgent packages are delivered within the same day. Whether it's crucial documents or time-sensitive items, our same-day delivery service is designed to meet your pressing needs without compromise.

Reliable and Secure Service

Imepress prioritizes the reliability and security of your packages. Our dedicated team ensures that your items are transported with the utmost care, promising a secure and efficient delivery experience without any damage or delays.

Flexibility and Convenience

Experience unparalleled flexibility and convenience with our same-day delivery services in Dubai and the UAE. We understand that circumstances may require late orders, and we accommodate such situations to ensure you receive your packages on the same day, adding a layer of convenience to your shipping needs.

Real-Time Tracking

Stay informed every step of the way with our real-time tracking feature. Imepress employs advanced tracking technology that provides customers with instant updates on the progress of their package. This transparency in communication enhances your overall delivery experience, allowing you to plan accordingly.


Imepress understands the critical nature of prompt deliveries for businesses and individuals. As one of the leading courier companies in Dubai and the UAE, we specialize in same-day delivery services tailored to your needs. Whether you seek cheap courier service in UAE or same-day delivery within Dubai, our extensive network and strategic locations ensure prompt and secure delivery of your packages.

Our local courier service in Dubai facilitates same-day delivery within the city, catering to businesses and individuals alike. We handle shipments of all sizes, from documents to oversized items, guaranteeing swift and safe delivery to your desired destination. Utilize our pickup and delivery service in Dubai to schedule a pickup from your location, saving time and effort. Our professional couriers collect your packages and ensure quick delivery, making the entire process hassle-free. Imepress takes pride in providing affordable solutions, including cheap courier service in UAE, without compromising quality.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Practices

Imepress is committed to environmental responsibility. Discover our sustainable practices aimed at reducing our carbon footprint. From eco-friendly packaging options to optimizing delivery routes for fuel efficiency, we prioritize green initiatives. Partner with us to contribute to a healthier planet while enjoying the convenience of same-day delivery.

Global Reach with International Courier Services

Explore our express courier services for international shipments, connecting you with global markets. Benefit from our expertise in navigating customs regulations and documentation intricacies. Whether you’re a business expanding globally or an individual sending a parcel abroad, our express courier services ensure timely and reliable deliveries. Imepress opens doors to hassle-free international shipping, making global connections seamless.

Cutting-edge technology for Enhanced Tracking

Experience peace of mind with our cutting-edge tracking technology. Stay informed about the real-time location of your packages, enhancing transparency and ensuring you can plan accordingly. Our advanced tracking system provides detailed insights into the journey of your shipments, from pickup to delivery. Trust in the reliability of our technology to keep you updated at every stage, offering a seamless and worry-free experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A: Same-day delivery in Dubai is a premium courier service that ensures your package is delivered on the very same day it is booked. To avail of this service, contact a reliable courier service provider offering same-day delivery in the UAE. They will pick up your package promptly and guarantee its delivery within the day.

A: Same-day delivery costs vary depending on factors like package size, weight, and the distance it needs to travel. Many cheap courier services in the UAE provide same-day delivery at affordable prices. To find the best deal, compare prices from different courier services.

A: Most cheap courier services in the UAE offer package tracking for same-day delivery. Utilize online platforms or mobile apps provided by the courier service to monitor your package’s real-time location. This feature ensures you know exactly when your package will be delivered.

A: The cutoff time for same-day delivery varies among courier services in the UAE. Typically, you must book your package for same-day delivery before a specified morning cutoff time. Confirm this cutoff time with the courier service you choose to ensure your package meets the same-day delivery window.