Lightning-speed Internet for better world connection.

Who we are

Your Safety is Our Priority

In an increasingly digital world, security and safety are paramount. We prioritize the protection of your personal information and devices. Our internet services come with advanced security features. Our secure network lets you browse, shop, and confidently communicate.

Unleash Unlimited Possibilities with our Reliable Internet Connection

Say goodbye to slow and unreliable connection and say hello to limitless possibilities with our seamless internet connectivity.

Commercial Internet

Choose Boma for you and your business, experience reliable, lightning-fast internet connectivity and thrive in today’s digital landscape

5G Network

Cutting-edge wireless technology enabling faster speeds and connectivity.

Unlimited Data

Data usage without any restrictions or limitations imposed.

Plug and Play

Easy setup and immediate usability without complex installation.

Fast Data Transfer

Rapid transmission of data with high-speed connectivity capabilities.

Internet for your home

Choose Boma for Home as your internet service provider and experience the high-quality Internet

Fast Internet

High-speed online connectivity with quick data transfer and responsiveness.

Satellite TV

Television programming delivered via communication satellites for widespread broadcasting.

Phone Line

Traditional wired connection used for voice communication and internet.

Movie Streaming

Online delivery of movies for instant viewing over the internet.

Why choose us

Key factors that make our service exceptional.

We’re proud to offer a service that’s not only effective but also enjoyable to use.

Affordable Price

This guarantees accessibility and affordability, allowing customers to enjoy reliable internet connectivity without compromising financial stability.

Professional Team

An experienced team ensures expertise, efficient customer support, reliable network, and innovative solutions, enhancing company performance

24/7 Support

As an internet service provider, offering 24/7 support ensures uninterrupted service, customer satisfaction, and prompt resolution of technical issues